Introducing Bearth: The ultimate climate action app

Track your emissions in real-time

Accurately track and offset your carbon footprint from transportation, energy and online purchases.


Concerned about climate change, but unsure how to achieve further emission reductions?

Bearth is designed to transform consumer behaviour based on real-time, accurate emissions data.



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Learn about your carbon footprint

How much of your emissions come from the way you get around, eat, and clothes you buy?

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Factor it in when making purchases

With accurate emissions data, you can consider carbon emissions in every purchase.

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See your emissions updated real-time

Check the App any time to see how your consumption choices impact your emissions.

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Offset emissions you are unable to reduce

Offset unavoidable emissions through high-impact carbon offset projects.


The App


Connect your Gmail and Bearth does the rest.


Your carbon footprint will be measured automatically using data from online receipts, such as air travel tickets and Amazon purchases.


Emissions are calculated on a product-by-product basis allowing you to associate your consumption behaviour to your footprint.